Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

Arrangement The original order has been maintained. The collection is divided into six sections each representing an individual file. Within each file the documents have been rearranged to reflect chronological order as this had become disordered.

PR4/1/ PR4/2/ PR4/3/ PR4/4/ PR4/5/ PR4/6/

Note: Mr.Diarmuid O'Murchadha assisted with the translation of the Irish language documents. Conditions of Access & Use

Access: Open by appointment to those holding a current readers ticket. Language: English, Irish, French Finding Aids: Descriptive List

Allied Materials:

Related Material CCCA: SM645 Funeral poster / handbill for funeral of Lord Mayor Terence McSwiney U207 Copy of correspondence between Terence McSwiney and Pauline Henley, 1916-22 U71 Terence MacSwiney (Diary and Memorial Card) Elsewhere: 2 boxes dating from 1916 to 1921, Cork Public Museum (L 1945; 342 - 450, L 1955; 3 - 253); 11 boxes dating from 1872-1942 (P48b and P48c) plus 13 boxes dating from 1895-1962 (P48a) of Mary MacSwiney, UCD Archives.

Archivists Note: Deirdre Heaphy, Contract Archivist,

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