Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

Éireann Loan Fund (PR4/2/2, PR4/5/34). There are also numerous letters between MacSwiney and Collins concerning proposed new methods of taxation, the possibilities of collecting revenue directly from the Irish people and the problems of indemnifying Ireland against liability to the British Government. Another dominant theme explored in the files are the many difficulties arising out of the break with English Local Authorities. There are a number of reports concerning inquiries into the state of Local Government in Ireland and the financial and legal problems that separation from England would entail (PR4/4/16). To protect the continued existence of County Councils, Sinn Féin members were asked to sign resignation forms in advance and much of MacSwiney's correspondence with Kevin O'Higgins, Substitute Minister for Local Government, is concerned with this procedure and MacSwiney's own efforts to have the Government appoint a 'locum tenens' to take the place of the "resigned" councillor. (PR4/3/14, PR4/6/76). The final principle correspondent is Diarmuid O'Hegarty, who in his capacity as Dáil Éireann Secretary, frequently wrote to MacSwiney regarding arrangements for meetings, safe addresses for correspondence and MacSwiney's inspection of Limerick Technical School. Other general correspondence with MacSwiney concerns letters of sympathy with Volunteers who had been imprisoned (PR4/6/82), requests for employment (PR4/6/45) and sponsorship (PR4/6/70) and Cork Corporation's support for both the Resolution of Allegiance to Dáil Éireann (PR4/5/1)and the resolution supporting the beatification of Oliver Plunkett (PR4/6/12). Another matter which generates a significant amount of material is the death and murder of Tomás MacCurtain, Lord Mayor of Cork. This includes MacSwiney's own acceptance speech as Lord Mayor of Cork (PR4/1/1), Cork Corporation's resolution condemning the murder of MacCurtain (PR4/5/18) and the very many letters from MacSwiney regarding subscriptions to the MacCurtain Memorial Fund (PR4/5/95, PR4/6/89). Material on the Irish Volunteers centres on General Orders, reports of raids, Royal Irish Constabulary membership, and inquiries into breaches of discipline. The General Orders concern Volunteer conduct, seizure of arms, rules of correspondence and the establishment of a voluntary police force. There are several reports of successful attacks to Richard Mulcahy, Chief of Staff (PR4/4/50) and a number of letters from MacSwiney dealing with complaints of ill-treatment and unauthorised action particularly the looting of Ballyvourney Woods (PR4/2/18, PR4/4/48). Another strong theme is the enforcement of the R.I.C. boycott and the problems associated with the precise nature of this boycott and its effects on trade (PR4/4/92, PR4/5/43). There are also a limited number of editions of An Toglach, An Saorstat and Misneach. The file contents are in a good state of preservation and very legible. The size of the collection allows for an individual description of each item and those written in Irish or French have been translated.

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