Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/4/ (FILE 4 )

August 1920


86 Circular progress report of the Dáil Éireann inquiry into Local Government in Ireland. Lists the aims and officers of the Commission noting that although the new Local Authorities are working well there is an overall need of more intervention by the Department of Local Government. [August 1920] 2pp 87 Copy proposal for establishing a National Land Commission. Details the legal rights and powers the Commission would hold and its administration through a constitution, assistant commissioners, provisional sub- commissioners and an

appeals board. [August 1920]


88 Circular issued by the Adjutant General Irish Volunteers (Gearoid O'Sullivan) notifying officers and men of the Irish Volunteers of the forthcoming specially organised Company parades to take an oath of allegiance to the Irish Republic under the terms of General Order No. 11. [August 1920] 1p 89 Copy memorandum prepared by Clare County Council, detailing new arrangements for the administration and collection of rates and grants under the direction of Dáil Éireann. [1920] 1p 90 Copy statement suggesting terms of reference for Local Government Commissioners. Recommends a report on the relationship and practicality of Irish Local Governing Bodies operating in the non-recognition of the British Local Government Board and how these ties may be severed or keep to a minimum. Also suggests a conference be held regarding the reliability of local rate- collectors. [1920] 1p 91 Pamphlet entitled Will America do to Ireland in 1920 as Ireland did unto America in 1769? printed by the American Commission on Irish Independence. Urges support for Eamon De Valera's, visit using quotes by Franklin and George Washington. [1920] 1p

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