Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/4/ (FILE 4 )

65 Copy letter from MacSwiney to C.S. (Chief of Staff, Richard Mulcahy) noting that in his opinion a single retaliation to any property destruction by the enemy is much more appropriate than the suggested scale of ten-to- one. 14 July 1920 1p 66 Copy letter from MacSwiney to Domhnail (Daniel Corkery, regarding problems arising over the sale of Mrs Baldwin's house, the action taken by the tenant Crowley interfering with the sale and the possibility of the Executive dealing with the matter at the next meeting. Unfinished. 16 July 1920 1p 67 Copy letter from MacSwiney warning that the military will be out in force that evening and to be careful not to let people's anger over the murder of Burke disrupt the situation. 19 July 1920 1p 68 Copy letter from MacSwiney to Thomas Sexton, Toll Station, Lower Road, Cork, promising to look into the matter of the Cork Savings Bank. 22 July 1920 1p 69 Copy letter from MacSwiney to A.A. Reynolds, Wexford, acknowledging the circulation of An Gabhail Timpal and promising to look through it when it arrives. 22 July 1920 1p 70 Copy letter from MacSwiney to John J. Devine, Food Emergency Committee Dublin Corporation, praising the setting up of his committee and the accompanying City Census and promising full co-operation of Cork Corporation in the establishment of a similar scheme. 22 July 1920 1p 71 Copy letter from MacSwiney to M. Colivet, Castle View Avenue, Limerick, recommending South Cork District Court for the hearing of the case Hehir v O'Sullivan. 22 July 1920 1p 72 Copy letter from MacSwiney to Daniel Corkery detailing his intention of attending the forthcoming trial and noting that Corkery received the pictures from Dublin for the exhibition. Written in Irish.

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