Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/4/ (FILE 4 )

52 Copy letter from MacSwiney to C.S. (Chief of Staff, Richard Mulcahy) regarding the police boycott in Cork City and the complications this may cause in relation to strikes against businesses who supply the police. 7 July 1920 1p 53 Copy letter to MacSwiney from C.S. (Chief of Staff, Richard Mulcahy) noting that he will accept his supplement to General Order number 4 1920 (new series) if he feels it did not go far enough to prevent unauthorised action by Irish

Volunteers. 8 July 1920


54 Copy letter to MacSwiney from C.S. (Chief of Staff, Richard Mulcahy) authorising him to restrict the rigid application of General Order number 6 1920 (new Series) regarding police boycotting in whatever way necessary in Cork City. 8 July 1920 1p 55 Circular issued by MacSwiney to all Club Secretaries and Members of Deputations in Mid Cork advising them of the approaching closing date for subscriptions to the Self Determination Fund and urging collectors to make a final determined effort. 9 July 1920 1p 56 Letter to MacSwiney from Adjutant General Irish Volunteers (Gearoid O'Sullivan), returning Liam de Roiste's letter and expressing his satisfaction at events. Includes de Roiste's MS letter to MacSwiney (10 July 1920) concerning the work of the police on Easter Sunday and MacSwiney's own MS draft covering letter noting that in his opinion it would be a grave error to alter plans on account of a threat (10 July 1920). Partially written in Irish. 10 13 July 1920 3pp 57 Copy letter to MacSwiney from C.S. denying him permission to take any further action against patrols or the military until further details are known. 10 July 1920 1p 58 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Diarmuid O’hEigceartuigh (Diarmuid O'Hegarty, Secretary Dáil Éireann) detailing the visit of Professor Stockley to Dublin, Stockley's inexperience in handling government matters and the present military threat to his home. 12 July 1920 1p

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