Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/2/ (FILE 2 )

PR4/2/ (FILE 2)

1 Letter to MacSwiney from A. de Staic (Austin Stack Substitute Minister for Home Affairs), concerning the speedy establishment of National Arbitration Courts throughout the country following the Dáil Éireann decree. Asks that each constituency follow the successful example of County Clare and County Galway and fix dates for the election of Parish and District arbitrators and notes that in his opinion it would be desirable but not necessary to appoint a clergyman to each court. 15 May 1920 1p 2 MS letter to MacSwiney from Liam de Róiste, T.D., concerning the outstanding sums of money to be collected for the Dáil Éireann Loan in Cork. Notes that he is awaiting accounts from Mr. Moynihan and Liam Mac Iomhair and that when all the receipts and forms are to hand he will ensure that nothing is amiss and will forward the money to Dublin if necessary. Written in Irish. 20 May 1920 1p 3 Letter to MacSwiney from A. de Staic (Austin Stack Substitute Minister for Home Affairs), regarding the proposal to use Cork City Arbitration Court as a venue for the case of R. Power (Tramore County Waterford). Details that the form 'Submission to Arbitration' must firstly be submitted to confirm a venue and suggests that in this case the arbitrators should be qualified accountants. Also recommends that the new register of Cork court officials be limited in its circulation and asks if Seán O'Leary is currently a Registrar of the courts. 27 May 1920 1p 4 Letter to MacSwiney from Michael Collins, Minister for Finance, acknowledging receipt of money and gold for the Mid Cork Dáil Éireann Loan collection and quoting the current totals for Mid Cork, Cork City and for West Limerick as the best constituency. Also notes that there should be no argument between MacSwiney and Liam de Róiste, but that de Róiste had received a copy of MacSwiney's letter and therefore he (Collins) is now much happier with affairs in Cork City. Written in Irish. 29 May 1920 2pp 5 Letter to MacSwiney from Aibirein de Staic (Austin Stack, Substitute Minister for Home Affairs) advising him to contact Kenny (James D. Kenny, Barrister) and arrange a date for the proposed Conference of City and County members, acknowledging his remarks about the Power case (R. Power, Tramore, County Waterford) and noting that O'Leary (Seán O'Leary) is a Registrar of the Cork City

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