St.Finbarr’s Hospital (Cork County Home and Hospital) (CCH)

Descriptive List of the Archive of St.Finbarr’s Hospital/ South Cork County Home and Hospital

Weekly record of provision type, quantities on hand, quantities received, quantities consumed, (weekly totals), total consumed/received for 4 week period, quantities remaining on hands, name of contractor (blank for most of volume).

Articles include various foodstuffs, tobacco and snuff, alcoholic beverages, minerals, lighting, heating and washing soaps and solutions. Also details of milk supplies, and daily numbers of people in the institution, collective number of days, analysis of cost, general average cost.

1. Apr 1927 - Mar 1942 (247ff)

2. Apr 1942 - Feb 1948 (71ff)


Bread and Milk Books (1912) 1935 -1948



Date: (1912) 1935 - 1948

Title: Level:

Bread and Milk Books

series 7 vols.

Extent: Part of:

CCH/F Scope and Content:

Daily record of bread and milk issued in South Cork County Home. Records ward, number of persons in each ward/class, supper and breakfast white bread lbs, dinner white bread lbs, butter ozs. New milk for breakfast, dinner, supper. Ward/classes include Male Lunatic Asylum, 'Infirm Men, W.', A.B. [able bodied] Females, Attendants, Male and Female Probationary, Nursery Children. Kitchen, Spike, St.Johns, St Catherines, Lock, Fever, Boy's Hospital, Maternity.

1.-6. NOT EXTANT 7. 15 Feb 1935 - 17 Apr 1936 402pp 8. 26 Jun 1936 - 12 Aug 1937 414pp 9.-11. NOT EXTANT 12. 24 Feb 1942 - 11 Apr 1943 414pp 13. Dec 1943 – Jan 1945 402pp 14. NOT EXTANT 15. Jul 1945 - Aug 1946 414pp 16. NOT EXTANT 17. May 1947 – Mar 1948 402pp

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