St.Finbarr’s Hospital (Cork County Home and Hospital) (CCH)

Descriptive List of the Archive of St.Finbarr’s Hospital/ South Cork County Home and Hospital


Monthly Return of Infectious Diseases

7 Feb

1920 - 13 Jun 1931 (1 item)



Date: 7 Feb 1920 - 13 Jun 1931

Title: Level:

Monthly Return of Infectious Diseases


Extent: Part of:

c300pp CCH/K/

Scope and Content: Records numbers of cases of infectious diseases [in the South Cork Public Assistance and Health Area], arranged by dispensary district with deaths owing to the diseases, deaths due to other causes, births, total numbers of dispensary cases, number of cases reported by Private Practitioners, number admitted into South District Fever Hospital and Cork Fever Hospital, total cases/births, total deaths. Diseases recorded are mostly low numbers of measles, diarrhoea whooping cough, scarletina, diphtheria. With 10pp enclosures mentioning nursing homes, midwives, numbers of cases of puerperal fever and other diseases also table showing deaths.

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