St.Finbarr’s Hospital (Cork County Home and Hospital) (CCH)

Descriptive List of the Archive of St.Finbarr’s Hospital/ South Cork County Home and Hospital



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65ff plus index.



Paying Patients Maintenance Account Book. West Cork Area

and NHI Patients

1 Apr 1946 - 31 Mar 1949



Date: 1 Apr 1946 - 31 Mar 1949


Paying Patients Maintenance Account Book. West Cork Area and NHI

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item 24ff


CCH/CB/C Personal Ledgers- Contractors Accounts 1924 – 1964 (5 items)



Date: 1924 - 1964

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Personal Ledgers- Contractors Accounts

series 5 vols.

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CCH/C Scope and Content: List of Accounts, with Particulars, sent on for Payment by Matron of County Home. Records name of contractor and particulars of account (goods/service supplied), amount of account (cost), Classification of charges (provisions and necessaries/clothing/establishment/workhouse farm/workhouse burial), observations (deductions made for faults/out of date etc.). Provisions and necessaries, such as; milk, eggs, salt, cartage of milk, meat, tobacco, fish and chickens, gas, treatment of patients at Eye Ear and Throat hospital, breaking stones. Establishment items such as; report books, altar wine and soda water, motor spirit, wax candles, paints and oils, tradesmen’s requests. Clothing items, such as; calico and flannelette, lino, Bengal stripe. For the home/workhouse farm items such as; flour and bran, harness repairs, horse shoeing.

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