St.Finbarr’s Hospital (Cork County Home and Hospital) (CCH)

Descriptive List of the Archive of St.Finbarr’s Hospital/ South Cork County Home and Hospital

Inmates/Patients (G) (4 series)

Hospital/Medical/Nursing (H) (8 series)

Birth/Death records (K) (4 series)

The arrangement of the records into series is loosely based on the Classification of Board of Guardian Records published in 1971 by Sean McMenamin of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. In 1924 Cork Union Workhouse became the South Cork County Home and Hospital, and though the spirit of the institution changed, most of the functions and activities, and most of the records, remained similar, albeit with some changed practices and terminology. The 1971 classification is in use by most local authority archives services holding older workhouse/health institution records. The 1971 classification system was not intended for post-1924 hospital records, and it has therefore been adopted here with many modifications and additions. For instance, 13 new subseries were created here under the FD series Store/Inventory Books. If there is a gap in the record where an item is not extant/missing, or has not yet been acquired, the relevant item number generally remains in situ in the list, but the gap is indicated with the text ‘NOT EXTANT’.

See the Table of Contents for an overview of the full arrangement of series and sub series.

Accruals It is possible, given the number of gaps in the existing archive, and the lack, in general, of records for the post 1960 period, that additional historical records exist. The Southern Health Board, as the local health authority, had been active in transferring records to the CCCA. On 1 January 2005, the health boards were replaced by the Health Service Executive.

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