School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918



Number 6 SAMPLE LESSON PLANS 3 nd YEAR Death in the trenches World War 1 Death in the trenches

Learning Outcome: Students will be able to link the industrial slaughter to the individual death of one soldier. Students will be able to discuss the human impact of the war and the reaction of people to it once the quick victory of 1914 had evaporated. Students will be able to critically discuss how different people reacted to J. W Bennetts death.


1. Discuss the background information about the war and the Bennett family 2. Click on the RUDTHESPUD video which is a quick (6 minute) summary of the war. 3. Discussion Read through the Bennett Diary entry for October 13 th about his father’s reaction to Bennett’s death. What do you think? 4. Discussion Read the War Office telegram confirming the death. What are the students’ opinion of this telegram and Lord Kitchener’s reaction? 5. Read the Grenfell Letter which was written by Jack Bennett’s headmaster expressing his sympathies. What are the students opinions of Grenfell’s reaction 6. Ask the students to pick out four quotes from either the diary and/or the Grenfell letter to tell the story of what happened to Jack. 7. Who was Lord Haldene? Find out. 8. Click on the Blackadder goes Forth video which shows the men going over the top. 9. Ask the students why they think that public opinion changed over the war? 10. Store the completed work to create your own archive. Conclusion: The students should be able to have some understanding of the cost of the war in human terms and in political terms and be able to discuss them. Is war ever worth it?


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