School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918



Number 5 SAMPLE LESSON PLANS 3 nd YEAR Cork’s 1916 Rebellion Dealing with unseen documents

Each student should be given a copy of the four page letter and no other information Learning outcomes: students can accurately read, analyse and correctly answer questions on an unseen text. Introduction: Students need to be able to read and analyse a document quickly and accurately. This quiz tests this ability.

Letter from Bishop Daniel Cohalan to the Cork Free Press about Cork City in 1916 Quick Quiz:

1. Why did Bishop Cohalan write the letter? 2. What assurance did the Bishop get from the Volunteers on April 24th? 3. How many after the 24 th did the Lord Mayor and Bishop meet with a military gentleman? 4. By May 2nd the Bishop was angry with the Military. Why? 5. The Lord Mayor had taken possession of the arms. What happened to them? 6. On page 4 of the document the Bishop was very concerned for one prisoner. Why? 7. See if you can find out who this prisoner was and what happened to him? 8. On May 8th the military were searching for arms. According to a hand written note on the side what had been done to the guns before they were handed up? 9. The Bishop was full of praise for the ‘military gentleman’ who had negotiated with him. According to the handwritten note was this opinion shared by everyone? 10. In your opinion did the Bishop and the Lord Mayor do the right thing? Explain why you think this. Conclusion: Depending on how long it takes for the students to answer the questions review the test and compare the task they have completed with the task before them in the junior certificate documents questions.


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