School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918

Resource Pack 10: 1918 Conscription

6 Cork City & County Archives: Through War and Rebellion: Cork 1912-1918

National Archives of Ireland Census 1901-1911 Nicholson Household return 1911 ers_/1116292/

Canon Nicholson’s family including the names of three of the four sons are recorded here.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Western Front 1918: The German Offensives erschlact&menu=subsub

Very good overview of the battles from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Dailymotion World War I- Spring Offensive (1/4)

Two out of an excellent four videos including contemporary film explaining the difficulties on all sides in the winter of 1917 and the start of the battle.

UK National Archives United Kingdom Cabinet Minutes 23 March 1918

This can be viewed on the National Archives image viewer without having to download it and shows how many divisions were available to both sides. There is also a list of where the British might get extra troops and how long it would take them to reach the battle lines.

UK National Archives United Kingdom Cabinet Minutes 23 March 1918

Total troop strength in Western Europe including cavalry, heavy guns, machine guns and the number of rifles. Podcast of lecture regarding the 1918 General Election

Book Borgonovo, John, The Dynamics of War and Revolution: Cork City, 1916-1918, Cork University Press, Cork, 2013

The conscription crisis and the growing radicalisation of politics in Cork are studied in detail by one of the best historians writing on the ‘Irish revolution’. See also bibliography of other publications, including the essay ‘Throwing Discretion to the wind: The 1918 General Election in Cork City’ and the article ‘”The battle of Patrick Street”: The Cork City riots of June 1917’ (Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society, 2008):

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