School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918

Resource Pack 9: 1917 Innisfallen Ship

Year 1917: U370/H/17 Blueprint of Innisfallen (1917) City of Cork Steam Packet Co. Ltd.

Background With one of the safest harbours in the world Cork has always been a major port on the south coast of Ireland. The first steamship to cross the Atlantic was the Sirius which sailed from Cork to New York in 1837. In 1894 the City of Cork Steam Packet Company ordered a new ship Innisfallen which was built in England. This was the first of five ships of that name that traded and carried passengers between the two countries. The first Innisfallen was sunk by a u-boat in 1918. The second Innisfallen was popular with tourists travelling from Britain for excursions in Cork and Kerry. It was sunk by a mine in 1940. Later Innisfallens continued to connect Cork and Britain, serving trade, tourists, and emigrants. This document focuses attention on Cork’s maritime heritage and trade. It also illustrates changes in design methods in the last 100 years. The Document Not every document is a picture or letter. This is a blueprint capacity plan of the Innisfallen (from 1917). A cross-channel ferry that ran between Cork and Fishguard from 1896 on, the Innisfallen was sunk by a U-Boat on 23 May 1918, with the loss of 10 lives.


1. Read through the document 2. Highlight the names of people, sentences, or words you do not understand. 3. Highlight any words you cannot read. 4. Fill in the recording sheet supplied and attach it to the document

5. Optional Answer the quick quiz about the document 6. Store the completed work as directed by your teacher.

Project Work This document comes from the archive of the City of Cork Steam Packet Co, which operated in various forms from 1821 until the 1980s, and played a key role in the rise of steamships and in Cork’s economic history. Its story (including, eg, the Sirius crossing, the five Innisfallens, wartime losses) could form a basis for project work. Cork was one of the major ports of the British Empire with a major naval base and a huge food trade supplying the British Army and Navy. It was also a major port of emigration as every transatlantic liner stopped at the port on their way to New York. A section of the website is dedicated to Merchant Cork and this site can be used for a variety of projects about the merchant past of the city. For example the student might want to look at the butter trade or brewing and spirits trade. Technology students might want to design a 3D computer model of the ship based on the drawings.

Further research and sources: CORK CITY AND COUNTY ARCHIVES CATALOGUE The plan is from collection U370, City of Cork Steam Packet Co Ltd:

CORK CITY AND COUNTY ARCHIVES WEBSITE A full descriptive list of U370 is on the website:

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