School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918

Resource Pack 6: 1916 Rising In Cork

10 Cork City & County Archives: Through War and Rebellion: Cork 1912-1918

New York Times April 30 1916

Irish Rebels Proclaimed Republic; Seven Headed It, Wimborne Says; Failure to Cut Wire to Curragh Camp a Fatal Error -- Sailors Landed from Fleet to Aid Troops in County Galway.

Click on the link in this document to open a free PDF of this article from the New York Times

New York Times May 4 1916


Click on the link in this document to open a free PDF of an article from the Irish Times explaining why the 1916 leaders were shot.

New York Times May 15 1916


Two weeks later the mood had changed utterly

National Archives of Ireland Copy of telegraph from citizens of Cork to Lord Wimborne, 9 May 1916

Lord Mayor Thomas Butterfield and the Bishop telegraphed the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Lord Wimborne demanding that the executions of the 1916 leaders be halted.

Evening Echo Cork Picture Sales

Very good photograph of Lord Mayor Butterfield visiting the Model School on Anglesea Street opposite City Hall (where the District Court is now). The Irish Examiner/Evening Echo site is excellent for the local history of events. Irish Examiner (1841-1979) and other newspapers searchable online on Irish Newspaper Archives, available through libraries and in Cork City and County Archives

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