School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918

Resource Pack 1: 1912 Titanic

3 Cork City & County Archives: Through War and Rebellion: Cork 1912-1918

Project Work This document lends itself to project work in particular. There is an obvious project based on the Titanic but students could pick any of these ships and tell its story. Equally, using these freely accessible records and online resources (below), the students may be able to follow the journey of individual passengers on any of these voyages to tell the story of migration to the USA and return travel from the United States to Europe. There is another project based around how Queenstown got its name and how, when and why this was changed. The drama of the Titanic story also lends itself to art projects around the sinking and practical projects around the design, and projects on the ship in poetry, books, and film.


This item is from collection PR33 Goatley Deposit

See also collection PC Port of Cork, especially PC/009

The Archives also holds many emigrant letters, eg, U170 Hurley Letters:

Original records may be consulted by visiting the Archives


Titanic Belfast

This site is commercial and provides information about the building of Titanic in Belfast.

Titanic Experience Cobh

This site is commercial and provides information on the Irish passengers (many from Cork) who boarded the ship at its last port of call.

Encyclopaedia Titanic

SP1912-18, 1912 Titanic

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