School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918

Resource Pack 2: 1913 Irish Volunteers

8 Cork City & County Archives: Through War and Rebellion: Cork 1912-1918


Sources about some of the background events and about what happened on the night.

PATHE NEWS Redmond and Carson volunteers 1912-1914

History Ireland : The Larne gun-running of 1914 Text and pictures

RTE NEWS The extraordinary story of the Asgard and the Howth gun-running 100 years on Text, pictures and video Links to other videos including contemporary news footage

RTE John Redmond Woodenbridge Speech 20 September 1914 Text and pictures and video clip

UCD ARCHIVE Irish Volunteer Statement rejecting Redmond 24 September 1914 Text pictures and PDF of document This statement signed by most of the 1916 leaders

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF IRELAND The 1916 Rising: Personalities & Perspectives Online exhibition covering all the individuals involved in the Rising including MacNeill and Casement Excellent for project work and self-directed learning RTE Chaotic scenes at Cork Volunteers launch Newspaper reports of the happenings on the night, pictures and video with Bulmer Hobson about Ulster influence on these events.

LEARN 1916 EASTER 1916 SCHOOLS SECONDARY Excellent resource for teachers including lesson plans, Worksheets, activities, scrapbooks, and links

Book White, Gerry, and O’Shea, Brendan, ‘Baptised in Blood’, the formation of the Cork Brigade of the Irish Volunteers 1913-16, Mercier Press, Cork, 2005

Full history of the Cork Brigade’s early years by two fine local historians.

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