School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918


1914 BG69/A/140 Cork’s workhouse (Board of Guardian minutes)

Letter of 9 th of March No 10971 stating that in reference to / proposal to improve St Agnes Hospital, that Board trust the / Guardians will not allow any further delay in carrying out / the improvements which have been shown to be urgently / required and definitely informing the Guardians that if they / do not at their meeting of the 12 th inst take effective steps to / provide the requisite accommodation the Board will be obliged / to order a Sworn Inquiry to be held into the Guardians action / in the matter with the view of determining the necessity for / enforcing their obligations to the sick poor under their charge / in this portion of the workhouse.// In pursuance of motion Miss Day moved and Mr Gamble / seconded: ‘That we immediately proceed with the alterations / to St Agnes’ Ward – plans for which have been sanctioned by / the Local Government Board – as there are now 42 children / sleeping in 25 beds. Twenty-five of these are Consumptive / and Tubercular, and therefore a source of the greatest danger / and infection to the other patients who have to incur the risk of / incurring this awful disease in addition to suffering from / all other dangers and discomforts attendant upon overcrowding, / and that all resolutions contrary to this resolution be hereby / rescinded.// Mr Dorgan moved – ‘That we are of opinion that if / reclassification of patients in all wards of this Hospital were / carried out as has been so long promised by our medical staff / no extension would be necessary’.//

9 members voted for Mr Dorgan’s proposition and 20 voted against it.// 20 members voted for Miss Day’s proposition and 9 against it. [Ends]


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