Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

PR81/1/6 Legal Career (1928 – 1956)

PR81/1/6/A Legal Education and Professional Progression (1925 – 1938)

(vi) Posters, printed syllabus of the continuous course of lectures, Michaelmas term, 1926 (2 copies) and 1927. Also present are two notices outlining Legal Education for the Easter Session and Hillary Session of 1928. 4 items (vii) Examination Papers, King’s Inns, Continuous Course Examination, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1926, and 1928 (2 copies). 6 items (viii) Rough book lists. 3 items. (ix) Fawsitt’s study notes. Includes a notebook on Real Property, other notes on real property, and a folder of notes marked ‘Mining Law’ and ‘Law of Inheritance’.

Reference: PR81/1/6/A

Date: 1925 - 1938

Title: Level:

Legal Education and Professional Progression

Extent: 4 files


Scope and Content: Files relating to Diarmuid Fawsitt’s legal education and subsequent progression in the law profession. The sub-series includes the following files: PR81/1/6/A/1 King’s Inns. Correspondence, study notes, and printed matter relating to Fawsitt’s period studying at King’s Inns or for examinations at King’s Inns, to be admitted to the degree of Barrister-at- Law. 1925 - 1928. PR81/1/6/A/2 . Irish Central Library for Students. Small file relating to Fawsitt’s registration with and use of this library at 32 Merrion Square, Dublin. 1927-28. PR81/1/6/A/3 Call to the Bar. Small file consisting mainly of letters of congratulation on Fawsitt’s passing his final examinations and being called to the bar (1928) PR81/1/6/A/4 File containing letter from the Irish Government to Fawsitt, granting him the right of precedence within the Bar [appointing him senior counsel], signed by Taoiseach Eamon de Valera [in Irish. English copy present]. 9 December 1938.

Reference: PR81/1/6/A/2

Date: 1927 - 1928

Title: Level:

Libraries (Irish Central Library for Students and The Law Library)

Extent: 36 items


Scope and Content: Small file containing (i) items regarding the Irish Central Library for Students, and (ii) receipts for Law Library Subscriptions. (i) Items relating to Fawsitt’s registration with and use of the Irish Central Library for Students at 32 Merrion Square, Dublin. Present is a leaflet explaining that that library was established by the Carnegie United Kingdom Trustees ‘for the purpose of lending books to students who cannot obtain them in any other way’. Also present is leaflet ‘A Guidance for the Reader’, a registered borrower’s card; applications on printed form by Fawsitt for loan of certain books (6 items); notices issued in respects of books borrowed (5 items); postcards sent regarding overdue books (3 items); letter regarding difficulty of securing certain books (8 March [1928]); dockets acknowledging receipt of books (by Fawsitt) (9 items). (ii) Receipts for subscriptions received to the Law Library and to the Bar Dressing Rooms (1927-36). 8 items

Reference: PR81/1/6/A/1

Date: 1925 - 1928

Title: Level:

King’s Inns

Extent: 45 items


Scope and Content: File relating to Fawsitt’s period studying for admission as a student into The Honorable Society of King’s Inns and to the degree of Barrister-at-Law. The file includes a small amount of correspondence, receipts for payment of fees, term notices issued to students, notices of the syllabus of study, copies of examination papers, and study notes and papers by Fawsitt. (i) Correspondence. Letters relate to books, examinations, and grinds. Placed with the correspondence is a Voting Paper for election of members to the bar to come into office on 1 January 1930. Total votes

Reference: PR81/1/6/A/3

Date: 1928 - 1936

tallied [Fawsitt’s name not present]. (7 items) (ii) receipts, mainly for payment of fees (8 items)

Title: Level:

The Irish Law Times and Solicitors’ Journal

Extent: 8 items


(iii) Newscuttings relating to Fawsitt’s passing of legal examinations, including three examinations at Trinity College Dublin (1926) and his passing of the bar examinations at King’s Inns, along with former TDs Austin Stack and Conor Hogan, and The O’Rahilly, son of the 1916 leader (1928). (4 items) (iv) Term notices issued by King’s Inns to students notifying them of upcoming standing committee meetings to consider applications for admission, as students of law and barrister-at-law. Includes notice for Michaelmas Term, 1925, listing Fawsitt among the students, and one for Trinity Term 1928, listing Fawsitt among the baristers. In the latter it is stated ‘Diarmaid Fawsitt, Esquire, second son of Boyle Fawsitt, late of Bandon... certificate signed by Albert E Wood, Esquire, KC. To be proposed by the Honorable Hugh Kennedy, Chief Justice, Irish Free State.’. (2 items) (v) Printed booklets. University of Dublin Law School, 1925-26; Rules of the Honorable Society of King’s Inns, 1924, 1925; The Benevolent Society of the Bar of Ireland, 1930; Rules of the Honorable Society of the benchers of King’s Inns (undated); Rules [Benchers, King’s Inns], by order of the benchers, Joseph B Burke, Under-Treasurer; Rules for the final examination of students, King’s Inns, October 1927 (2 copies). 7 items

Scope and Content: Small file Relating to The Irish Law Times and Solicitors’ Journal. Includes the following: One letter from John Falconer, proprietor, The Irish Law Times and Solicitors’ Journal, and two letters from Fawsitt to Falconer, regarding payment for reports of cases prepared for the journal (17 August and 17 December 1928, 14 May 1929). A copy of one of Fawsitt’s reports (from Irish Law Times, Vol LXIII), on the case O’Boyle and Rodgers v Attorney General and Garda Commissioner, 1929. Note initialled by Fawsitt asking whether Falconer has a copy of a book on the ‘Criminal Justice Adm. Act, 1914’. Reply date-stamped 22 Aug 1928 Invoice for subscription to the Journal for 1936 (17 June 1936) with stamped receipt issued by Falconer’s Printing Office, dated 4 August 1936. Blank form of subscription with testimonials, and printed notice regarding Back Volumes of the journal.



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