Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

PR81/1/1 Early Period, Cork and New York (1905-1918)

PR81/1/1/A Cork National Theatre Society, Honorary Secretary (1904-5)

Reference: PR81/1/1/B/01

Date: 1913 (1966)


Draft Memoir, Founding in Cork City of the Cork Corps, Irish Volunteers, by Diarmaid Fawsitt

Reference: PR81/1/1/A

Date: 1904-1905


Extent: 20 pages


Title: Level:

Cork National Theatre Society, papers of Diarmaid Fawsitt, Honorary Secretary

Scope and Content: Memoir by Fawsitt entitled ‘The Founding in Cork City of the Cork Corps, Irish Volunteers - “a day and night to remember” ‘, written c.1966, recounting events of 14 December 1913. The memoir recounts the meeting at Cork City Hall in some detail, naming the four convenors of the meeting and some of the organisational elements such as the content of attendance ticket stubs. Fawsitt records his own role as secretary to the meeting, and that of J.J. Walsh as chairman. He remarks, ‘the city hall was crowded with Cork citizens long before the proceedings began’, and ‘the conveners of the public meeting were surprised to see the crowded attendance of young men in the City Hall’. Pages present are numbered 1 to 6 and 20, with the remainder unnumbered. This appears to be a draft or working copy of the full memoir sent to W.D. O’Connell, Editor, Cork Examiner in 1966 and later gifted to Cork City & County Archives by Judge Sean Mac D. Fawsitt (ref. U265, Cork City & County Archives, see also ref. SM002 for correspondence with O’Connell).

Extent: 1 item


Scope and Content: Single item, first annual report of the Cork National Theatre Society (1904), presented by Diarmaid Fawsitt, Honorary Secretary, in 1905.

Reference: PR81/1/1/A/01

Date: 1904-1905 (15 September 1906)


Cork National Theatre Society, First Annual Report, presented by Honorary Secretary, Diarmaid Fawsitt


Extent: 10 pages


Scope and Content: First Annual Report of Cork National Theatre Society, detailing in brief the background to the establishment of the society and its performances during its first year of existence. This report was presented by Diarmaid Fawsitt as Honorary Secretary at the society’s Second Annual Meeting held on 15 September 1906. Cork National Theatre Society was formed on 29 January 1904 with meetings at 13 Great George’s Street (now Washington Street) and later at Marlboro Street. Performances listed include ‘The Last Irish King’. Attached is a printed copy of a request for donations or gifts to maintain the financial stability of the society.

Reference: PR81/1/1/B/02

Date: c.1975

Title: Level:

Newspaper Article, Donation of Fawsitt Memoir to Cork City & County Archives

Extent: 1 sheet


Scope and Content: Cutting from newspaper containing article titled ‘Fawsitt memoir of 1913 for Cork Archives Council’. Includes photograph of Judge Sean Mac D. Fawsitt presenting the manuscript papers to Cork archives. No date of publication or author included. Refers to donation of item referenced U265 at Cork City & County Archives.

PR81/1/1/B Recollections of the founding of the Cork Corps, Irish Volunteers 1913-1916 (1931, 1962-1966)

Reference: PR81/1/1/B/03

Date: 1954 - 1966 (1913-1914)


Correspondence between Diarmaid Fawsitt and the Cork Examiner newspaper concerning Fawsitt’s recollections on the foundin of the Cork Volunteers

Reference: PR81/1/1/B

Date: 1913-1916 (1931, 1962-1966)

Title: Level:

Diarmaid Fawsitt’s Recollections of the founding of the Cork Corps, Irish Volunteers


Extent: 9 items


Extent: 25 items


Scope and Content: Letters between Diarmaid Fawsitt and W.D. O’Connell, Editor, Cork Examiner, in connection with the founding of Cork volunteers.

Scope and Content: Material relating to the founding of the Cork Corps of the Irish Volunteers in 1913, as recalled by Diarmaid Fawsitt in later life. No contemporary records are present, with the bulk of the recollections dating to Fawsitt’s memories of events as recorded on the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising in 1966.

Reference: PR81/1/1/B/03/01


(August 1954)


MS. Note from W.D. O’Connell, Editor, (Cork Evening Echo), Fawcett’s Hotel, Ballycotton, Co. Cork, to unidentified address (Diarmaid Fawsitt)


Extent: 1 page


Scope and Content: Note from O’Connell advising Fawsitt of the publication dates of memoirs of L de R (Liam de Roiste), which are to appear in the Cork Evening Echo on 19 August 1954 for 5 months, appearing in editions of the Evening Echo twice weekly on Thursdays and Saturdays.



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