Cork City Council Minutes Partial Index 1901-1967

Cork City Council Minute Books Index 26 July 1901 - 13 June 1967

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CP/CO/M/19 (10 Jul 1951 - 23 Aug 1955)

Sub-Terms and Page Number Direct labour, No. 1 & 2 Schemes, bonus to operatives, expedite, 12, to Caretaker / Watchmen, 17, complaint delay in paying, 17, protest at fixing No. 2 Scheme rents, 37, basis on which rents have been fixed at No. 2 Scheme, 38, attention to defective signpost at Ballyphehane / Kinsale Road, 44, consideration of rents at No. 2 Scheme adjourned, 51, theoretical rents on basis of, page 30, 50 year loan, 63, report of City Manager on rents and allocation of marks to applicants for houses, 74. 75, letting of houses on differental rents, 75, rents of houses at No. 3 Scheme, 80, City Manager to report on basis of rents at No.2

Scheme, 80, Report on theoretical rents, 104, City Architect’s report on buying materials direct from manufacturers, No. 3 Scheme, 105, extra plumber necessary for No. 2 Scheme, 105, report of City Manager on theoretical rents at No. 2 Scheme, 116, consideration of fixing of rents by City Manager, 131, consideration of fixing of rents by City Manager on No. 2 Scheme, City Manager to apply for Minister’s approval to differentiate rents, 131, proposal to substitute shop dwellings for houses not to be proceeded with, 132, City Architect to investigate possibility of additional labour at No. 3 Scheme, 132, Negotiations with Co. Council re. taking over of Ballyphehane Roads by Council, 133, Deputation from Plasterer’s Association re. plastering of houses, 137, City Manager to report on No.2 Scheme, 143, fixing of rents in No. 2 Scheme on a differential basis / no objection, 143, 144, provision of school bus service for transport of children to central schools, 146, arrangements made for road cleaning until taken over by County Council, 151, Department’s local inspector to report on provision of school bus service, 154, report of City Architect on use of hardboard finish to houses at No. 3 Scheme, 158, 159, Deputation from Guild of Incorporated Brick & Stone Layers re. dissatisfaction of masons on Direct Labour Scheme with bonus, 174, details of bonus scheme discussed, 176, report of City Architect on cost of 80 houses at No. 2 Scheme, 174, lay off of workers because of unsatisfactory production, 190, complaint by tenant of defective quality of house, 190, report of City Architect on Bonus Scheme for No. 3 Scheme, 193, 194, Gardai to be asked to provide Baracks, 212, report from Department on School Bus Service / School Attendance Committee to furnish observations, 217, provision of Garda Barracks, 218, Minister’s statement re. school bus services, 225, bus facilities for school children, 238, revised scheme of bonus payment, 243, 244, complaint re. allocation of bungalow, 248, City Manager to report maintenance of No. 1 Scheme, 279, Minister’s sanction asked for Bonus Scheme, Ballyphehane No. 3, page 280, deputation to Minister re. sale of land to Diocesan Trustees, 282, taking over of roads, attention of County Council, 313, payment of bonus to operatives before holidays, City Manager to look into matter, 318, deputation appointed, 318, death of watchman, reports considered, 504, bus service for school children, 521, disposal of plot of land to John O’Flynn to be considered at General Purposes Committee, 587, application from Stone Layers’ Guild to receive deputation re. construction of houses, 592, land for J. O’Flynn, offers for leasing to be invited, 597, deputation to be received re. construction of houses, 608, land for Cinema & Ballroom leased to John O’Flynn, 622

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