Cork City Council Minutes Partial Index 1901-1967

Cork City Council Minute Books Index 26 July 1901 - 13 June 1967

Index Term

Coras Iompair Eireann

Minute Book Reference

CP/CO/M/19 (10 Jul 1951 - 23 Aug 1955)

Sub-Terms and Page Number No introduction of workmen’s fares, reconsider, 6, 7, reply / no, page14, City Manager to ascertain if such system in Dublin, 27, timber roadway or North City Bridge to be replaced: request duty free on steel framework, 29, report considered on replacing timber deck on North Railway Bridge, 43, request to change time of 8.50 a.m. Mayfield bus, 43, copy of Minister’s letter re. repairs of North Railway Bridge, 47, letter re. changing time of 8.50 Mayfield bus, 53, letter re. renewal of floor on North Railway Bridge, 53, to impress on drivers necessity of exercising care, 88, Corporation to form sub-committee to discuss with Union of Vehicle Builders transfer of buses from Cork for repairs, 141,

142, renewal of floor of North Railway Bridge / Corporation to contribute one third cost, 159, protest from Workers’ Council re. transfer of lathe from Rocksavage to Inchicore, 155, deputation from Union of Vehicle Builders re. transfer of buses, 165, 166, letter from C.I.E. re. necessity for removal of late, 166, 167, transfer of repair work under consideration, 173, employment position discussed, 182

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