List of Freemen Cork City 1710-1841

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being in Company with three other vessels, and a faster sailer than the rest, pursued the “President” 472 men, 58 guns, 1533 tons with a greater weight of metal by nearly one third. And, on the 15 th of January 1815, engaged her single handed for nearly three hours, when the Endymion was so completely cut up in her rigging that she was in the mean time endeavouring to escape, the “Pomone” came up and after a broadside or two, the The “Endymion” having in about an hour bent new sails and got her rigging to rights, came up. In this Action, the American Accounts make the “President” to have surrendered to a Squadron, and it is but justice to say that it is more than probable that had the “Endymion” been “President” surrendered. alone, the “President” would not have been captured, but this does not lessen the gallantry of the Action, in which the “Endymion” taking the number of men, guns and weight of metal into consideration engaged single handed a vessel fully one fourth her superior for nearly

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