List of Freemen Cork City 1710-1841

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Waterloo”. Gentleman

Hobbs Hobson Hobson Hobson Hockin

William General

24/7/1797 28/4/1757

(1757). (? Hopson). S.B.

Meade Samuel


Samuel William

Esquire. Barrister Esquire. Oculist. “This Board entertaining a high Opinion of his Services to the poor Blind of this City”. Lieut. 69 th Regt. “for his gallant Conduct at the Battle of Waterloo”. Captain R.N. Woollen Draper Woollen Draper Silversmith. (1746). “whose Grandfather was the First Protestant Mayor of this City and gave a Silver Tankard and a Mace as a Gentleman Esquire present to the Staple Society”. Supplement It is to be presumed that by the words “First Protestant Mayor” is meant, after the Expulsion of James 2 nd . The First Mayor after that period appearing on the Books is William Ballard, 1691, no doubt a Protestant. And no person of the name Hodder having filled the Civic Chair until 1754, when George Hodder was elected Mayor. Mr. Hodder’s Grandfather referred to must (if at all) have been Mayor between the expulsion of James 2 nd . In 1688 and 1691,

Hodder Hodder

Edward Edward

Hodder Hodder Hodder Hodder Hodder

Francis Francis Francis

28/10/1727 4/6/1711

Francis Power



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