List of Freemen Cork City 1710-1841

Cork City and County Archives

to be sworn till (after the Election of Magistrates) for the ensuing year (1727). Cooper. (? Franklyn)

Ffranklyn Ffranklyn Ffrench

James Samuel Thomas Stephen William

26/2/1749 27/1/1728


Gentleman Victualler Merchant

Field Field Finch


Hon. Edward

Capt. Coldstream Guards. A.D.C. to the Lord Lieut. Duke of Rutland. (1785). Silver Box. Lieut. Col. “Dublin Militia,” now (1798) in this City. Merchant

Finch Finlay


16/9/1743 2/4/1798




Lieut. R.N. Gentleman Merchant Merchant Merchant

Fish Fish

Benjamin Joseph Gabriel James Joseph James Richard Richard Russell William William William William

16/6/1767 17/10/1758 28/4/1790 14/8/1770

Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fitter Fitter Fitton Fitton Fitton Fitton Fitton Fitton Fitton Fitton

James Joseph

Esquire. Son in law to the Mayor


James Godfrey

Merchant Esquire Brewer Cooper Brewer Gentleman

17/12/1773 3/6/1777 25/7/1782 11/5/1787 28/8/1759 19/9/1777 16/12/1778

Walter Hussey

Brewer Esquire

Fitz Clarence


Lieut. Col. now (1846) Lord Frederick Fitz Clarence, natural son of William IV, by the celebrated Actress Mrs. Jordan.

Fitz Gerald Fitz Gerald Fitz Gerald Fitz Gerald Fitz Gerald Fitz Gerald Fitz Gerald

Anthony George


10/5/1725 21/10/1767

Henry Thomas

Gentleman Lieut. R.N.

Henry James




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