List of Freemen Cork City 1710-1841

Cork City and County Archives

Afterwards Admiral. “in testimony of the high opinion this Board entertain of his gallant conduct in the late (1808) Action with the “Thetis” Frigate”. Silver Box. (See Separate Sheet)

Seymour Seymour Seymour Seymour Seymour Shadwell Shadwell Shadwell Shadwell Shannahan Shannon

Nicholas George

Founder Gentleman


Nicholas Thomas William William

Cabinet Maker

29/4/1783 24/7/1797 31/7/1739 27/4/1759 26/2/1749

Junr. Brass Founder Junr. Ironmonger Junr. Merchant On Payment of £5 (?£10) Lord, One of the Lords Justices of Ireland (1722). Gold Box. Earl of, (1817). Father of the present (1846) Earl, “being entitled by birth to his Freedom, it is ordered that the Certificate be presented to him in a Gold Box, in testimony of the High Opinion entertained by the Council, of his Public and Private virtues, and for the Firm Support he has at all times given to the Glorious Apothecary Merchant

John John John








Constitution under which we have the happiness to live”. Protest of the

Recorder, William Waggett, Esquire, against above. Grounds of objection fully entered into.

Sharpe Sharpe

George Thomas



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