Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Description of Tenement, Area, Rateable Annual Valuation (land, buildings, total), and Observations. lands include holdings in Dundrum. [See also U137/CB/B/026]


Date: 1899 - 1902


Title: Level:

Rents and Payments Account Book (Warren)


Extent: 17 pp Scope and Content:

Volume recording details of payments received (rent) and payments made (disbursements) in respect of the Warren estate. Pages 1-17 record 'Rent Payments Received' on behalf of ARJB Warren. Pages 301-09 record general disbursements of the Warrenscourt Estate, with sundry disbursements noted on page 251. Pages 351-57 record the annuity account of Sir Augustus Warren Bart, in account with RW Doherty. Finally, pages 401-03 record disbursements on the account of ARJB Warren.


Date: 1900 - 1903

U137/CB/B/029 Rent Cash Book

Title: Level:



c300 pp (mainly blank)

Scope and Content: Record of cash received from tenants in respect of various estates [managed by Doherty and Jones]. Most of the volume is blank, but entries for various estates occur at irregular intervals. A note inside the front cover lists several of the estates covered, although the names have been crossed out. These include RW Doherty (p58), Halloran (p94), Rev Dr Stanley (p110), Colonel Sweeney (p138), Geo Lucas (f164), Warren (p204), Moorhead (p266), Hicks (p306), Colonel Rothe (p346), Gillman (p382), Dawson (p416), Hunter (p456), Countess of Bandon (p124), Banfield (p282), Unkles (p328), Col Shadwell Clark (p440). Other entries include Reps James and Mary Sexton (p85), James Harte (p101), John Long (p125), and Michael Sullivan (p159). These latter entries appear to be in respect of tenants paying rent on their own holdings, while the estate entries document payment of rent to the estate noting amounts paid and tenant names, but not details of denominations.

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