Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Lady CH Bernard, A Jagoe, and others. On folio 15, it is noted that the account was transferred, and on the next folio an account with the Provincial Bank of Ireland is recorded.


Date: 1896 - 1902


Title: Level:

Bank Agency Account Book (Richard W Doherty)


Extent: 50 ff Scope and Content:

Account Book documenting Agency Accounts managed by Richard W Doherty with banks, initially the Bank of Ireland Agency (to July 1896), subsequently the Munster and Leinster Bank Agency. The volume records payments made, including rent, charges, cheques, private lodgements, and petty expenses. On folio 18 amounts up to March 1900 are totalled, the account closed, a new account called Agency No 2 begins on folio 19. Folios 45-50 record some separate payments, 1899-1900.


Date: 1883


Title: Level:

Property valuation [Bandon]


Extent: 110 ff Scope and Content:

Valuation book in respect of properties in Bandon town and surrounding areas. The book is handwritten and contains the following fields: number, Townlands and Occupiers, Valuation, Summer Assizes 1883, and date. The last two seem to refer to amounts fixed to be paid or paid at the time of the assizes. There is no field for lessor or landlord. Many of the townland names occur in eastern estate of the Earl of Bandon. Many of the properties are in the town of Bandon. [See also, eg, U137/CB/B/027.]


Date: 1884 - 1885


Title: Level:

Rent Roll/Valuation



116 pp

Scope and Content: Small rent roll noting rates [or rents] fixed at Summer Assizes 1884. The volume notes number, Townlands and Occupiers, Description of Premises, Valuation, and 'Summer Assizes 1884' [rate/rent amount]. A date is recorded after this column, perhaps indicating when the new rate/rent is due. Totals for each townland are noted. Townlands include Castle Bernard, Clancoolbeg, and Gully. Many of the properties are in the town of Bandon. A note inside the front cover reads 'John Jones, Cavendish Quay, Bandon' [Agent]. [No name of Landlord.]

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