Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Date: 1886 - 1896


Title: Level:

Charge Book (Bandon Estate)


Extent: 91 ff Scope and Content:

Charge Book, recording details of accounts in respect of various charges [affecting the Earl of Bandon's estates]. Each folio documents a different account, eg, folio 1, Lady CH Bernard interest on charge of £12307 13s 10d under settlement of 1809. Interest, charges under settlements, mortgages, head rents, and insurance premia are among the types of charges occurring. Partial index (A-N) is present. Account names include Duke of Devonshire, Earl of Donoughmore, Irish Land Commission, Provincial Bank of Ireland, ASH Smith Barry, HB Pierse, and Quit Rents Orrery and Kilmore (Inland Revenue Limerick; folio 51).


U137/CB/B Cash Books etc, Bandon Estate Office



Title: Level: Date:

Cash Books and other financial records (Bandon Estate Office)

sub-series 1797 - 1900 29 volumes


Scope and Content: Cash books, day books, and rent account and other account books relating to estates managed by the Bandon Estate Office (other than the earl of Bandon's estate). The records document receipt and payment of monies, including rents, rates, payments to suppliers and many other financial transactions. Items 1-5 are cash books and account ledgers, in chronological order. Rent account and other account books and smaller records follow (6-29). The account ledgers (also known as private ledgers), are a key record of the management of several estates, many of them conected with the Bernard family. Eg, U137/CB/B/002 contains accounts for Hon Mrs E Bernard, the Lord Archbishop of Tuam, and others.


Date: 1843-71


Title: Level:

Private Ledger - Doherty, Estate Agent



535 folios

Scope and Content: 'Private Ledger' recording details of accounts managed by Richard Wheeler Doherty, most being rent accounts in respect estates and other properties. The ledger records dated debit and credit entries for each numbered account for several years. Estate accounts note townland and tenant names. Many accounts refer to earl of Bandon properties, including estates, land, houses, and grazing rights. There are also records of non-rent accounts, including insurance and legal costs. In addition, many

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