Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Rentals are signed by the Earl of Bandon and by the auditors (Craig Gardner & Co), and include auditors' reconcilement accounts at the end. [Same fields as other U137/RO/69 volumes]


Date: March 1892 - January 1894


Level : item Title: Account Statement, Earl of Bandon with Doherty and Jones Extent: 9 ff Scope and Content:

Audited Statement of Account, The Earl of Bandon in account with Messrs Doherty and Jones, Cash Account of payments made out of the Bandon Estates out of Rents received for two years ending 1 November 1893. The balance sheets record payments made by date, with cash received noted on the right of each sheet. Payments include insurance, interest, annuities, and charges. Creditors include the Ladies Bernard, Col Aldworth, the Bishop ofTuam, and the Board of Works. Audited and settled with a balance of £4915 17s 10d carried to debit of next account.


Date: 1890s


Level : item Title: Unbound Rentals, Account Statements, and Estate Correspondence Extent: 13 folders Scope and Content:

Folders containing unbound rentals, account statements, and estate correspondence, maintained by Doherty and Jones. Two folders are marked as relating to unsettled and unsettled parts of the Earl of Bandon's estate, and other matter relating to this estate occurs in other folders. Also present are documents relating to other estates.


Date: 1902 - 1903


Level : item Title: Rental of the Estate of the Earl de Montalt and Account Extent: 18 ff Scope and Content:

Rental of the Estate of the Earl de Montalt for Half Year ending 1st November 1902, Account to 28th March 1903.The rental records information under the following fields: Number; Denominations; Tenants names; Gale Days; Yearly Rents; Arrears; 1/2 year's rent accrued due; Total; Received; Due; Poor Rate; Income Tax; Abatements; Cess; and Observations. This last notes proceedings and ejectments, and other matters. Denominations include [partial list] Ballintemple, Carhue, Golden Garden, Cold Harbour, Maudestown, and Knockbawn. A reconcilement of rent and arrears is recorded on folio 11. Agency accounts follow: 'Anthony F Maude in Account with the Right Hon The Earl of Montalt'. Account headings include grass rents, interest on mortgages, tithe rent charges, law costs, farm sales, garden account, refunds under Land Act, farm account, saw mill and timber, and agency.

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