Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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known as the Warrenscourt Estate. Several enclosures are present, placed in the page covering the relevant denomination, consisting of rent receipts and estate correspondence. These occur on pages 14, 20, 38, 48, 52, 54, 84, 88, 90, 92, 96, 104, 106, 110, 112,126, 132, 134, 140, 144, and 146. There are also some enclosures inside the front cover, including a notice and a letter regarding the Earl of Bandon's candidacy for Bandon Rural District Counci, 1902, and stationery of Messrs Doherty and Jones, Bandon Estate Offices, Bandon. [See also U137/RL/B/008 and U137/RL/B/010]


Date: 1903 - 1959


Level : item Title: Rental (Reps D Hall) Extent: 201 folios Scope and Content:

Rental recording information on denominations, tenants' names, holdings, and payments. Along the top of each folio, the following fields occur: Number of Holding, Denominations [name of holding], Tenants' Names, Contents of Holdings [area], Yearly Rent, Gale Days, and a few other fields usually left blank. The lower part of the folio records payments due and made for a number of years. Information for some properties is continued on a later folio. Inside the cover, the volume is described as related to 'Reps D Hall'. Most of the entries are for the period 1903-29, but additional pages have been added to many of the folios recording transactions in later years. Some solicitors' letters have also been inserted. Much of the property documented forms part of the Mahon Estate, and many Cork city centre properties occur. The volume is indexed. [No Bandon connection. Much reference to earlier ledger, esp book 4. Seemingly 'Doherty' does not occur either. F Hall & Son, solrs, appear to act for Reps D Hall (f168, inserted letter dated 4 June 1946). See also U137/RL/B/006 and U137/RL/B/014]


Date: 1914 - 1964


Level : item Title: Malcomson's Estate, Farrancleary Rental Extent: 205 ff Scope and Content:

Rental of property in Farrancleary (Blackpool, Cork), known as Malcomson's Estate. The title page states 'Malcomson's Estate: William T Malcomson, Hubert Malcomson, and Llewellyn Malcomson'. A typescript note attached refers to the 1938 will of William Theodore Malcomson, who died in 1951, leaving his estate to his wife Agnes (who, a note adds, died in 1964). At the top of each folio is recorded lessee's name and address, yearly rent, gale days,with 'Farrancleary' [sometimes 'Farranaleary'] noted on each. Dated entries for payments due and received follow below. The lessees may have been sub-landlords. Most are described as 'Reps', ie, representatives of a person or estate. For example, folio 19 relates to 'premises at Farrancleary', rent being paid in the name of 'Reps John Barry, per The Cork Distilleries Co Ltd, Morrisons Quay, Cork'. Folio 179: 'Reps Forster, Guest Lane Williams & Co, South Mall, Cork'. A number of enclosures are present. Letters regarding rent due are addressed to F Hall & Son, Solicitors, 39 South Mall [law agents for Malcomson's Estate] (folios 148, 161, 180). Folio 148 contains a solicitor's letter regarding assignment of No 23 Thomas

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