Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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of rent due and received. More than one holding is included on some folios. Evidently a fragment of a larger rental. The entries are rougher than in most other rentals, suggesting this may be a draft, or a working record, not a final version. Denominations listed are from the following townlands: Ballyowrane, Derrivereen, Moneygaff, Shannaway, Ballineen, Derrygra, Lassinaroe, Dunkerry and Derrylamane, Clasharoggy and Curra, Kilroan, Clonmara, Maularoggy, Breaghneagh, and Ballymacredmond. [See U137/RL/C/001]


Date: 1851 -1856


Level : item Title: Rental Extent: 144 folios Scope and Content: Rental noting, at top, name of tenant and of denomination, followed by a record of payments due and received. This volume covers holdings in the western estate.


Date: 1853 - 1859


Level : item Title: Rental [Durrus] Extent: 140 ff Scope and Content: Rough rent ledger recording, at the top of each folio, the name of the tenant and of the denomination, followed by a record of payments due and received. Denomination/townland names include Carrigboy, Rossmore, Brahalish, Gearahmeen, Classadoo, Carrickbue, Croties, Dromathineen, Coomkeen, Drumnea, Lassinaroe, and Ballyhowran. [A modern note on cover calls this item the 'Durrus Ledger'. Some overlap with western estate townlands, but no references to Bandon or Doherty]


Date: 1855 - 1856


Level : item Title: Rental [Bandon Estate, fragment] Extent: 34 ff Scope and Content:

Part of Rental of the eastern estate of the Earl of Bandon. Folios are stiched together but not bound, and are numbered 150 to 184. Each folio records townland name, tenants' names, arrears, rent, yearly rent and arrears, and totals. May have been part of a bound ledger, but appears not to have been bound.

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