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1871 - 1955


Corporate Governance

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Records relating to the corporate governance of the Company, including memoranda and articles of association, minutes of meetings of directors, annual general meetings of shareholders, and related reports and accounts prepared for consideration at such meetings. Also present is a register of its directors and managers. These records in general, and the minutes in particular, provide much detail on the performance of the Company, its dealings with shareholders, and its financial and public position and standing. They are a key resource for study of the evolution of the Company. *See also U370/S below, articles of the 1836 Cork Steam Packet Company. U370/A/001-003 are memoranda and articles of association setting out the membership and share capital of the Company, on its creation in 1871-72, and its incorporation in 1936 into the British and Irish Steam Packet Company, a subsidiary of Coast Lines Ltd. U370/A/004-010 are directors' minutes. Meetings of directors occurred weekly in the board room at company offices. Minutes list the directors present, including the chair, and give a brief summary of business transacted. This includes consideration of cheques, correspondence, applications, and share transfers, and orders and decisions made in respect of these matters. U370/A/011-013 are minutes of annual general meetings of Company shareholders, 1871 - 1918. Minutes record the date and venue of meeting, directors present, shareholders present, and minutes of proceedings. Statements or addresses by the chairman (later known as directors’ reports) regarding the company’s performance that year precede annual meetings. The auditor’s report is adopted. Much of the discussion occurring is recorded verbatim, or summarised in detail. All resolutions passed or considered are recorded. Ordinary or General (annual) meetings are generally held in August, with half-yearly meetings occurring in January or February. U370/A/014 contains directors' reports and annual accounts 1872 – 1882, 1885, 1901, and 1918. These were prepared for annual general meetings. U370/A/015 is a Coast Lines report for 1955. U370/A/016 contains annual accounts for 1951 and 1952, also evidently prepared for AGMs. U370/A/017 contains profit and loss accounts, apparently prepared for the same purpose, for the years 1873, 1878, 1880, 1883, and 1884. See also accounting records elsewhere in the collection, eg, series U370/C and U370/F

U370/A/018 consists of later trading and profit and loss account statements (1924-29, and 1932).

U370/A/019 is a register of directors and managers, mainly for 1903-07, recording key information on the people responsible for the government of the Company.

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