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City of Cork Steam Packet Co Ltd

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Apr 1871 - Dec 1918


Memorandum of Profit and Loss Books

Level: item Extent: 4 vols Scope and Content:

Volumes recording profit and loss in respect of the Company’s activities in each month. Initially, entries note the profit or loss of each steamer, total these, and subtract the total for the same month the previous year. Later entries group steamers under ‘gross working profit of steamers’, along with other items such as freight on cattle, dividends from investments, and so on. Outgoings include insurance, outlay on premises, rents and rates, and dues on traffic. Many later entries are marked ‘Est’ [estimated], and figures are added in red ink [to show the actual amounts involved]. [This simple record is used as a basis for drawing up more formal statements of profit and loss].

(a) Apr 1871 – Sep 1891

(b) Jul 1891 – Jun 1903

(c) Jul 1903 – Jun 1911

(d) May 1917 – Dec 1918




2 Apr 1907 – 30 Sep 1917


Innisfallen Disbursements/Receipts

Level: item Extent: 143ff Scope and Content:

Volume recording disbursements and receipts in respect of the ship SS Innisfallen. At the top of each folio is noted the ship’s name and name of port being served (usually Fishguard, Liverpool or Bristol), or whether the ship is lying up (not in service). There are fields recording Date; Disbursements; Folio; Coals; Wages; Loading and Discharge; Dues, Lights and Pilotage; Tallow, Oil and Chandlery; Repairs; Miscellaneous; Agency; and Total. These are followed by Receipt fields (Date; Receipts, and Amount). T he ‘Disbursement’ fields itemises outgoings, including wages, rope, engine oil, stores, smithy work, coal, carting, victualling, dues, and others. The ‘Receipts’ field itemises items such as passengers, army pass money, inward goods manifests, freight charges, rebates, livestock, and others. Balance for profit and loss is noted at the end of each entry, entries generally covering a month.




Jun 1901 – Apr 1907


Blarney Account Book

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