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City of Cork Steam Packet Co Ltd

U370/F 'Volumes' is the largest series, divided into four main groupings: Financial Accounting; Operational Accounting; Wages; and Other. Items include journals, ledgers, cash books, and customs records; movement of goods, claims and rebates, and customer accounts; salary and wages books; and other volumes including correspondence, property rentals, and minor financial and operational records. Volumes in this series have been grouped together as they document Company day-to-day business, and accounting for it, in both financial and formal records of activity and transactions. U370/G 'Printed Matter' includes printed rates for the through traffic of goods through various Irish and UK ports and railway stations, and printed reports, journals, copies of legislation, and other matter, retained by the Company for reference use. U370/H 'Drawings and Photographs' is a valuable series of engineering drawings of many vessels, c1890s-1920s, and a set of 'ships' particulars' with small plans, c1950-51, all illustrating the capacities of Company vessels. Some architectural plans of Company premises in Cork, c1900s, are also included here. There is also a file of drawings regarding alterations to the vessel Glengarriff, c1900-1918. Two photographs, of the Dodo and Cormorant, mentioned above, end this series. The series adds a visual and technical dimension which enhances the collection. U370/S is a special series containing a single item, the articles of agreement and copartnership for the Cork Steam Packet Company, founded in 1836, but not clearly connected to the present Company and its successors. Further information on each series may be found in series level 'Scope and Content' sections. Within series, related and similar records have been grouped together. However these have not been described as sub-series, to allow flexibility and avoid creating an excess of sub-series. Throughout the descriptive list, the City of Cork Steam Packet Company is described as 'the Company'. The British & Irish Steam Packet Company is usually described as 'B&I'. The collection documents one of the most important companies in Cork's commercial and maritime history, from its origins and development into a successful independent company, to its response to the challenges of war, takeover, and changing commercial circumstances. Its staff, officers, shareholders, and directors are well documented, adding to its value as a family and social history resource. The technical drawings, promotional material, and newscuttings present add visual and contextual perspective to the collection, allowing a rounded view of the Company's history, and the possibility of pursuing various avenues of research. The Company minutes and volumes recording financial and operational transactions, however, form the core of the collection.

System of Arrangement:

U370/A Corporate Governance

U370/B Shares and Investments

U370/C Administrative Files

U370/D Promotions and Company History

U370/E Other Organisations

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