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City of Cork Steam Packet Co Ltd

(1917-66, items 161-177). Also present are ledger records of debts and other outstanding items (1923-60, items 178-84), and customer accounts (1929-64, items 185-89).

U370/F/190-246 Salaries and Wages, 1883-1968. Present are some salary records for office staff (1883-1930, items 190-95), but most wages books present are for quay labourers and dockers (196- 231, 1912-68). There are also some wages books for the Works and cartage departments (1924-65, items 235-242), and some wages summaries (1910-60, items 243-46). U370/F/247-273 Other Volumes, 1844-1968. In addition to ships' captains' letters 1844-71 (item 247) there are also other volumes of correspondence (1922-63) and records of rental of Company property (1921-68, items 248-55). Also present are an inventory of stock, some minor financial and charged activity records (eg, staff expenses, cranage costs), diaries, and invoice books, including one relating to rail cargo (1922-60, items 256-73).

(i) Financial Accounting




Apr 1884 – Dec 1887


Journal D

Level: item Extent: 962pp Scope and Content:

Journal recording financial transactions up to the last day of each month. At the top of each page is written ‘Cork’, and the date. This is followed by entries noting the transaction nu mber, a description [eg, the company paid, and for what], and the amounts involved. Totals are noted at the bottom of each page, with columns for debits and credits. Deductions and other amendments are sometimes added in red ink. Items recurring most often include coal, railway, insurance, freight, and sundries. Note: Journals are large volumes recording all transactions. Credits and debits are noted on each page, but are totalled in separate columns. Balance sheets and other financial records may be drawn up using information from journals, although journals themselves are a simple record and amounts are often left unbalanced.




Jan 1888 – May 1891


Journal E

Level: item Extent: 950pp Scope and Content: See U370/F/001




Dec 1894 – Jul 1898



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