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to the British & Irish Steam Packet Co, and contains correspondence (mainly financial), related accounts, charges, and costs.




9 Jan 1936 - Oct 1936


Ardmore Wages Sheets 1936

Level: file Extent: 1 file Scope and Content:

Weekly Wage Lists, SS Ardmore, 1936, and related records. The lists cover the period of weeks ending 9 January to 15 October 1936. The front of each list notes the name and rating of the sailor/worker, and details of hours worked and wages due and paid. Each worker signs these entries as correct. On the reverse is a similar form noting the names of each worker, and the actual hours worked, from midnight to midnight, Thursday to Wednesday each week, including overtime. Attached to many of the weekly sheets are related items such as summaries of overtime and extras, receipts, and some letters. The bundle of weekly wages lists is covered with a sheet containing some summary information on wages and other outgoings for the period January-November 1936.




1939 - 1945


SS ‘Ardmore’, Lost, 11 Nov 1940

Level: file Extent: [c400pp] Scope and Content:

The file mainly concerns the enquiry into the loss of the Ardmore, and contains legal and other correspondence, witness statements, copies of returns, and other items. Much of the material relates to establishing details of personnel and dependents, and quantities of cattle and goods on the ship, for compensation purposes. There is also information on bodies recovered and wreckage washed up, and details of the condition and past service of the ship. A Joint Arbitration Committee met in London in 1941 to examine whether the loss was owing to ‘ordinary sea peril’ or other causes. No report of their findings is present. Two lists of crew are present, one containing 17 names, the other 18. The latest item present, a newscutting dated 10 June 1945, refers to the loss of 27 seamen, and to the final payment of compensation, for a lost consignment of cattle. [ records that the ship was mined and sank off Great Saltee Island, Co Wexford, with the loss of all of a crew of 24. records that the wreck was found in 1998 and a mine confirmed for the first time. See also].




3-11 Dec 1924


SS Gower Coast

Level: file Extent: 2 copies Scope and Content:

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