City of Cork Steampacket Company Archive Descriptive List


City of Cork Steam Packet Co Ltd

Level: item Extent: 213 forms Scope and Content: No's 3338-3551




1916 - 1919


Transfer Guard Book

Level: item Extent: 151 forms Scope and Content: no’s 3553 -3703a




1875 - 1876


Debenture Certificates

Level: item Extent: c200 pp (28 completed stubs) Scope and Content:

Volume containing interest warrant coupons in respect of debenture bonds. Towards the front of the volume there are 28 stubs in respect of coupons issued. These record Debenture Number, For (amount), Issued to (purchaser), On (date), For (years), Repayable (date), Bearing Interest At x Per Cent, Payable Per Annum and Payable Half Yearly. Notes regarding redemption of coupons are added to the stubs. All of the coupons present, however, are blank (ie, unissued). A sheet consists of 20 coupons, and on the back there is a form of declaration, to be signed by two directors of the company, binding them to the repayment of capital and interest issued as debenture bonds. Reference is made to the company's Articles of Association, which permit a sum not exceeding one third of the subscribed capital to be raised by bonds and other means, and that at a meeting at its offices in 1873, it was agreed that the company should raise money under exercise of this power. No full dates or amounts or rates of interest are included in the printed form of declaration, and none are completed, partially completed, or signed.




23 Jan 1872 - 16 Apr 1912


Register of Probates

Level: item Extent: 88 ff Scope and Content:

Volume recording 'Probate, Letters of Administration, &c., presented to the City of Cork Steam Packet Company Limited'. These legal documents were evidently presented in the context of deaths, marriages, and other legal arrangements [eg, powers of attorney] affecting a member (shareholder) of the company. The volume, however, records no details of shareholdings or subsequent arrangements. Information is recorded under the following headings: Date when presented; By whom presented; Account of whom Deceased; Date of Probate or Administration; Effects sworn

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