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width of hatch no 1 of MV Innisfallen has reduced the number of cattle carried by eight, 25 Feb 1963. [c200 items]

Bundle of forms and sketches of vessels owned or used by the Company, or by other firms with which the Company had freight or traffic dealings. Particulars forms record information on the hull, including official number and classification as well as dimensions and technical information, and information on machinery on the vessel. Profiles contain plans of the vessel showing its storage capacities and accommodation, and also record information on dimensions, tonnages, performance, capacities, equipment, and remarks. Profiles also note the vessel’s official number, port of registry, when and where built, and type. Previous names are also generally noted. Where dated, profiles are generally from 1950-51. Some items contain later notes on the vessels concerned, eg, Particulars for MV Innisfallen, dated 5 Dec 1939, has a note reading ‘Sunk by Enemy action at Egremont, 21.12.40’. More frequently, the subsequent sale or breakage of the vessel is noted. Forms and profiles have been arranged into alphabetical order, based on the vessel’s given name (not former names). Vessel names: Aquilla; Ardmore; Ashfield; Balmoral Queen; Baltic Queen; Basuto Coast; Beechfield; Belgian Coast; Briarfield; Brookmount; Broomfield; Cape Coast; Caldyfield; Celtic Queen; Cloebrooke; Coral Coast; Damara; Devon Coast; Dorset Coast; Dransfield; Eastern Coast; E Hayward; Elmfield; Fairfield; Garthfield; Glenfield; Gorsefield; Greypoint; Griqua; Hampshire Coast; Hazelfield; Highland Queen; Innisfallen; Kenmare; Kerry; Lady Connaught; Lady Kildare; Lady Killarney; Lady Patricia; Lady Wicklow; Lairdsburn; Lairdscastle; Lairdsferry; Lairdsford; Lairdsglen; Lairdshill; Lairds Isle; Lanahrone (Limerick Steam Packet Co]; Larchfield; Longford; Mashona; Mashona Coast; Matabele Coast; Mayflower; Moray Coast; Mountstewart; Namaqua Coast; Nordic Queen; Norman Queen; Northern Coast; Northfield; Ophir; Ovambo Coast; Persian Coast; Pointer; Portia; Richmond Queen; Rowanfield; Silverfield; Southern Coast; Spaniel; Stuart Queen; Suffolk Coast; Sutherland Coast; Swazi Coast; Tudor Queen; Ulster Castle; Ulster Coast; Ulster Drover; Ulster Duchess; Ulster Duke; Ulster Hero; Ulster Mariner; Ulster Merchant; Ulster Star; Virginian Coast; Welsh Coast; Western Coast; Westfield; Windsor Queen; Wirral Coast; Zulu Coast. 92 vessels




1910 - 1929


SS Bandon - 6 Plans

Level: file Extent: 6 plans Scope and Content: (1) Cattle Stalls, 0.25’’ to one foot, 180cmX60cm; (2) Alteration for carri age of motor cars (Queenstown Dry Docks, 22 Nov 1929), 88cmX65cm; (3) and (4) Pipe Arrangements, Neptune Works, Newcastle, sheets no.s 2 and 3, 0.5’’ to one foot, 111cmX72cm; (5) Pumping Plan, by same firm, same scale, same size, dated 5 Jul 1910; (6) blue print Capacity Plan, 1/16’’ to one foot, 73cmX53cm.

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