Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



not permitting them to put up nor keep any shops or other standings, either·in the fore front of houses, nor in ariy other places within the City or liberties, in selling any merchandizes, &c., to the prejudice of the merchants, freemen, &c., of this City, and all such act or acts of the Mayor, &c., tending to the good of this City, we acknowledge to be done by common consent, and to· maintain the Mayor, &c., therein. 17 April, 1613. Mr. Patrick Tyrry, now Mayor, is satisfied, and P.aid of one ton of Sack and another of Claret, after the rate of 40 pounds, and two hogsheads more of Gascoyne wines after the rate'of five pounds ster., 3 pounds in the be- half of Patrick Lewallyn, and 12 pounds in behalf of both Sheriffs, the ~ whole amounting to 60 pounds, to be deducted of such moneys promised by them to be paid the Corporation towards his maintenance this year, a warrant, dated 5 July, 1613, to be given them for the receipt of eleven pounds at the hands of Edmond Morrogh concerning 30 butts of Sack bought by said Edmond, which sum is to be added to the said 60 pounds ster. . Received by them of the toll money of the Shearmen five pounds, the whole being 76 pounds ster. 10 May, 1613. That ten hogsheads of Gascoyne wines and two pipes of Sack, now in the possession of Sheriff Colm.ayne, being of the prize wines, and canted at Court, for that Adam Coppinger proferred most for it, being 46 pounds, to be paid unto Mr. Henry Goold, Chamberlain, for the use of the Corporation, to be sent to Dublin towards the wants of the City, said Adam Coppinger to have all the wines, paying 46 pounds ster. within two hours after the receipt of the wines. 29 May, 1613. We the Mayor, &c., agreed that the company of English tailors of this ~ City of Corck shall collect and r~ceive unto themselves the freedoms of all such persons as they shall admit to be free of their company of tailors, as well within the City as the Co. of the City, to convert to their own use9 such sums of money as they shall receive for the same, without any division to be given to the Mayor, &c., by virtue of a bye-law heretofore made in the Court book of the City, either in Mr. William Sarsfild's 'year or any other time~ 6

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