Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals






I ' "'n a.hlll, and Edmon~ on the Kings high way was by the Barries murdered by 23 f~nQQ of an Irish kmfe to the very heart, besides other strokes on his body & ,..-- we dare not walk out of our gates by robbing and murdering we have no friends but the Earl of Desmond, we beseech you have this shameful'murder revenged. For news John Tomson and other captains have been put at large by OSwelwan-bere for · a great sum of gold and then pursued the great French ship at the haven of Kinsale ~nd took her artillery and goods." 1548, ~ov. 18. ~he Mayor &c. to Sir Edwd. Bellingham. "Since we do not VIctual .t~e puates th~y b?ast they will do us as much hurt as they Btp~ ers can, not perceivmg your mmd m the word piracy, we write to know P • whether .we shall apprehend them and of need kill them or not. Lord Barrymore hath delivered the m'!lrderers of the Kings bayliff to be put to execution which we have:' done. ~ere arrived lately a great ship of Venice 700 tons with other ships of S~am laden With Malmesay and Spanish wool bound to London. Certain of the wild Irish came to make a prey on the Earl of Desmonds . ·. . . Within 4 miles of us Lord Barrymore going to do the like on certain other wild Irish by night killed 80 of them, wherewith we are glad.'' 1548, Dec. 29. Robert Myagh, Mayor of Cork, to Sir Edw. Bellingham. "Here arrived on Christmas day in our haven one Tamsin and Richd. Stpte Stephenson heretofore under Mr. Robert Sentleger, Constable of Dungar· apers. · van, with a ship of 80 tons laden with wines, sugars, figs &c. taken on the coast of Spain, there are certain Portingales aboard, who have sent me word, if I should buy their wines I should have a tun for 5 or 6 pounds, and have desired a safe conduct to come to our city, which with my brethren I thought fit to grant least they should take certain of our neighbours who are as yet beyond the sea. I beseech you to certify whether we shall buy and sell with them.'' · 1549, Jan. 10. The Mayor to Sir Ed. Bellingham. "We have received


your loving answer unto our Mayor confirming the arrival of Tomsen and Stit: Stevenson at the mouth of our haven 12 miles here hence, where certain pers. of Youghal, Kinsale, Dungarvanz and Waterford resorteth, buying and selling with them, we have. the name they tne profits. In times past certain of our neighbours had goods of them thinking no harm, which they were compelled to restore by divers inquisitions made by Shadwell the Lord Admirals servant, directed unto us 1 which causeth us not to buy or sell with them. At this time one Richard Cole ana. Frow· nard arrived in our haven having much spices &c. 1557, Oct. 13.. Desmond to the Queen from YoughaL '' The poor Bt te savage people in these parts know not where to be buried decen~ly, by Papers occasion of the dissolved houses in times past their burial places. May it · please your Grace to direct John Browne and Edmond Gowle of Corke, merchants, who purchased the house of the Fryars preachers adjoining the walls of Corke, where a great part of all the gentlemen and lords hereabouts have their monuments, seeing same hou~e is not yet all defaced nor plucked down to restore it to the same order again." 1563 1 April 16. " Most gracious and vertuous Princess and our dear Bt te Sovereign Lady andJQueen, we the Mayor ~con behalf of you~ City, which Papers. is situated in the west of Ireland 110 miles from the English pale, en· vironed about with Irishmen, much annoyed on the land and lett of our merchandise, also our haven and river being large and long we are ~y pirates and other malefactors grievously hurt and J;>Ut to ext.reme cha~g~ m bamsh1~g them, w~ adver- tise your Majesty to further us '!1-th s~Cient mu!l1t10n and artillery to re~I~t them having but one falcone and dem1 culverm, beseeching your fa~our unto ns citiZens of Corke, which city your most noble progenitors hav~ ever had m great respect." 1569. The Lo. President" to have also a house m Cor~e, the meetest State then being the Abbey of Gillef, an~ to hav~ all the BIShop of Corks meadows and ground about Cork, w1thout which he shall no way be able




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to lie there.'' ::- . ,. · · . 1571, ..April25. • In~gence from -Lisbon. ."Two ships of Corke were confiscated,\~ "' ·

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