Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



King Henry VIII. confirmed all the privileges heretofore granted by letters patent, dated at Westminster, Feb. 4, 1509, and by another dated Dec. 10, 1517, he makes the Mayor, Recorder, and four senior Aldermen Justices of the peace in said city and liberties, to be Justices of gaol de-

Charter, Hen. VIII.

livery, with power to commit felons, erect gallows for their execution, all fines, &c., · to go to the city. He also grants to William Coppinger, Mayor, and his succesors, to have borne before him within the city and libertie_s one decent sword, sheathed, and that the sword bearer be adorned with a remarkable cap, also to said Mayor the keep- ing of the Castle of Cork, &c., and that no Sheriff of the county of Cork shall for ever hereafter, concern himself with the said Castle or any thing within said Castle. That the Mayor, &c., may employ an agent in England to buy 40 suits of armour and ship them from England to Cork." All the foregoing privileges were confirmed by King Edward VI. by ChE~;r,VI charter dated May 9, 1549. Queen Elizabeth, by letters patent, dated 157~ and Euz. confirmed all former charters, and in 1571 bestowed a silver collar of S.S. to · Maurice Roche, Mayor of Cork same year, for his services against the Earl of Desmond. This collar is now preserved in Garrettstown House, near Kinsale, and has been engraved by Richard Sai:nthill in his Olla Podrida, vol. II., p. 226. It is of fine silver, weight 4 oz. 5 dwts., composed of 41 S's each connected by two rings with a quaterfoil centre, in the centre are two porte~, pendantes, between two S'P, interlaced cross-wise, two buckles connect the whole when worn, entire length 32l inches, breadth of each Shalf an inch, height three fourths, length and breadth of each portcullis the same. The following charters are in the possession of the Corpo~ ation. 1. lnspeximus, dated at Banbury 5 April seventh Car. I. of char· Charter, ter of 18 Elizabeth. 2. Charter from James I. dated Westminster 10 0 c~~~· March in the sixth year of his reign. 3. Charter of Oliver Cromwell ·well • dated Dublin 27 April1656. 4. Charter of George II. dated 2 Jan. in the Geo. iL ninth year of his reign. . An abstract of the charters of King James L and Car. l. will be found in Smith's Hist. of Cork, vol. I., pp. 418-19.

1172. The Sheriff renders his account, for delivering the hostage of the · son of the King of Cork who was at Winchester 6li Vill. Southampton.•.• St. Lawrence renders his account, corody for the son of the King of Cork,

Cal. of. . S. P.

for 1 night 6s. 6d. by the King's writ-(corody signifies a sum of money or allowance of meat drink or clothing due to the King from an abbey or other house of religion whereof he was founder towards the sustentation of one of his servants). 1200. Oct. 28. Grant to Me_yler fitz Henry of a cantred belonging to Humurierdaa in Qork, namely, Y oghe!!~~_Lokhelen to hold of the King in fee by serviceoTT5 Knights. . 1206-7. Feb. 22. Mandate to the Justiciary of Ireland to deliver to Bartholomew de Caniera, the King's clerk, the land of Cork near Bren' which belonged to Fulke de Cantilupe. Barth. to answer in the Kings Chamber for the issues of this land. 1207. Nov. 8. Grant to Philip de Prendigast of 40 Knights fees (inter alia), 15 between the ports of Cork_and Insovenach'. 1215. July 2. Mandate to the Justiciary of Ireland to cause to be enquired by dis- creet and lawful men of the county of Cork whether the land of Keriokery belongs to the Kings city of Cork, and if so, to cause the citizens of Cork to have such seisin thereof as they ought to have by tenor of the charters of King Henry the Kings father, and of the King. 1215. July 3. Thomas Fitz Anthony for (a fine to the King of) 100 marks to have a grant, inter alia, of the city of Cork as far as belongs to the King. 1216-17. March 21. Mandate to Geoffrey de Marisco, Justiciary of Ireland to cause Petronilla Bloet, wife of Dermot Macarthy, King of Cork to have her marriage (portion 1) which Thomas her brother gave her. ·- · 1218. July 8. The King to the Justiciary. Has been informed that it would tend to the security of the King, and of Ireland, if the city of Cork were fortified. Man- date that 3 years farm of the city be paid to Thomas Fitz Anthony, the King's bailiff for that purpose.


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