Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Edmond Mortymer, Bellman. David Creagh and Robert Martell, Brokers. 17 Oct., 1623.

As James Lombard and James Karney were elected Sheriffs of the City of Cork for this present year by the most number of votes, and haye been sent for three several times by warrant to take their oath, and upon their appearance were required in his Majesties name in open Court to take their oath, herewith they have refused. [Cancelled.] 28 Nov., 1623. Heretofore the Corporation hath been at great charges in payment of fees to the Chamb.erlayn and overseers out of such wines sold by them by the great bestowed, and out of other casualties belonging to the Corporation. It is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that what wines belongeth to the Corporation of prisage wines, and sold or bestowed by the great, that the Chamberlayn nor overseers shall have any fees hereout, nor out of any money the Cham- berlayn shall receive in gross, but shall deliver the same in gross as he ·re- ceived same on warrant given by the Mayor, &c. Same day, John Arthur is sworn Chamberlayn, and is to continue till deer hundred next, and is forbid from taking any benefit by virtue of any former entry concerning the said office. 12 Dec., 1623. · Sir John Meade, Knt., was sworn Recorder of the city of Corck. 26 Jan., 1623. Edmond Coppinger, gen., a ;M:ayor's eldest son and heir, was sworn and admitted; in consideration of 1 Oli. ster., a councillor of the City. William Meade fz. Willm., a Mayor's eldest son and heir, was sworn Councillor paying 1 Oli. ster. . Edmond Sarsfield fz. Thomas, gen., sworn Councillor paying 10li. ster. William Roch fz. Domk., gen., sworn Councillor pajmg lOli. ster. 13 Feb., 1623. Ellynor Sarsfeeld, widow, executrix and relict of Robert Tyrry fz. Robert, gen., late dec., hath deliyered unto us, the Mayor, &c., in open Court, one sta- tute staple of 400 pounds ster., bearing date Oct. 2, .1615, acknowledged by

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