Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney 1920 Files (Ref. PR4)

Terence McSwiney Lord Mayor Files . Reference: PR4

Cork City and County Archives

Reference: Letter to MacSwiney Scope and Content: Letter to MacSwiney from [D. Mc] on behalf of the Minister for Local Government (William T. Cosgrave) urging MacSwiney in the light of recent arrests to get signed forms of resignation from all the Sinn Féin members, to be used on the recommendation of the local Sinn Féin Club if and when the republican Party is in danger. Advises that all newly elected members be informed of these precautionary steps, that they fully understand their positions are only temporary in the absence of late members and that they themselves fill in forms of resignation. PR4/3/004 Date: 30 March 1920 Title:


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