Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney 1920 Files (Ref. PR4)

Terence McSwiney Lord Mayor Files . Reference: PR4

Cork City and County Archives

Reference: Circular to MacSwiney Scope and Content: Circular to MacSwiney from Pádraig O'Caoimh, Secretary, Sinn Féin, regarding the employment policies to be adopted towards resigning members of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Details that 'every effort should be made' to find employment for these men by directing that a supportive letter be read out to all relatives, by citing the good example of Irish organisations in the United States of America and by stressing that Sinn Féin are in favour of the government commanding the actions of these men. Also includes a similar letter to be read to the Sinn Féin clubs acknowledging the 'honest intentions'of men and recommending that a central fund be set up for hardship cases. PR4/1/016 Date: July 1920 Title:


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