Abbey Cemetery Bantry Grave Inscriptions Index

Cork City and County Archives


This index has be n comi)· l d from the inscriptions found on the headstones at -th~ Abb y Burl 1 "round, Ba try. It is to be used in oonj1motion th the accom~ing Key Map and four sheets of sootioMl enlargem nts or· a:3.Ille, which have b eu prepared Rimultaneously ith it.

Ea.oh grave with an ciph r 1 hea tone, and e nh decipherable headstone unattached to A.Dy vi ibl grav, has been numbered. In •lie latter instance, it ~an be no ore thaa reasonably assumed that the person or poxsons referred to th ro l are buried beneath or djacent to the hoadstcr..e.

Certain ar as, moro rticularly do~in din the accompanying Key p, have almost c;r been used a a cond or. more times for burial purposes, but no records xist of these earlier burials, and ~here is no way of indicat:ln the positions of theuo earlier graves.

All names, and place names, have been liated in accordance with the . elling foun • on th d;Jtonee.

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