Sophie O'Brien Descriptive List (Ref. PR25)


21 x 30 cm

57 August 1918 Photograph of Darrell Figgis, Countess Marchievicz, and David Kent, seated, ‘Taken at Kent’s place, Bonard House…After release from Jails etc’. 11 x 9 cm 58 c.1930-1950 Photograph of Sophie O'Brien and Sheila O’Rourke, her God Child, seated. 9 x 6 cm 59 7 May 1924 Portrait photograph of Sister M. Eustace ‘one of Mrs Eaton’s children…now a nun in Australia’. Signed, ‘To dear Mrs. O’Brien With love from Sister M. Eustace’. 9 x 14 cm 60 n.d. Photograph of envelope addressed to Mr. James Kelly, Kanturk. 12 x 9 cm 61 n.d Portrait photograph of John O’Neary, Mallow. (Monty Roche Photographer). 10 x 15 cm 62 1932

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