Sophie O'Brien Descriptive List (Ref. PR25)


Photograph of portrait drawing of ‘M Planat de la Faye a great French soldier who fought through the wars of the Revolution + the Empire. His widow survived him, became blind and I used to read to her in Paris’. 11 x 16 cm 52 c.1910-1916 Photograph of William O'Brien ‘after a meeting of the All for Ireland League’. 14 x 10 cm 53 c.1900-1916 Photograph of public meeting at the Grand Parade, Cork. William O'Brien in attendance. A banner on the platform declaims ‘LONG LIVE O’BRIEN’. [Public rally of All for Ireland League members] 15 x 10 cm 54 c.1900-1920 Portrait photograph of William O'Brien. 4 x 5 cm 55 13 April 1902 Photograph of Father Fleming, ‘whom we met in Rome in 1901 where he was one of the Pope’s under Council’. 11 x 16 cm 56 26 September 1913 Portrait photograph of Father [T.M. O’Flynn], St Finbarr’s West, Cork. Signed ‘To William & Sophie from your affectionate friend’.

All Rights Reserved © Cork City and County Archives 2005


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