Great Famine Facsimile Pack


Table taken from Census of Ireland 1851, providing details of deaths in permanent and temporary fever hospitals. Fever epidemics were common in 19th century Ireland. However,the displacement of large numbers of people caused by poverty and eviction along with the insanitary, overcrowded conditions of the workhouses was to aggravate the situtation. Fever raged in epidemic proportions in County Cork during 1846 ana 1847. Themost prevalent diseases were Typhus and Relapsing Fever, both were caused by micro-organisms, transmitted by the human body louse.. Patients recovering from these often developed dysentery and diarrhoea. Severe outbreaks of cholera and what is referred -to as Asiatic Fever also occurred spasmodically during 1848 and 1849.

16. Painting ' Awaiting the Emigrant Ship ' by Cork artist Charles H. Cook, 1867


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