Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/6/ (FILE 6 )

33 Copy MS letter from MacSwiney to Liam de Roiste enclosing copies of correspondence with the President of Paris City Council and Cork Harbour Commissioners to be kept for reference purposes. Written in Irish. 9 June 1920 1p 34 Circular from MacSwiney to all Secretaries of Sinn Féin Sub-Executives, enclosing a copy of his appeal for a final and generous subscription to the Dáil Éireann Loan from the whole Mid Cork constituency. 9 June 1920 2pp 35 12 June 1920 See copy PR4/5/41 36 Copy notice of the Dáil Éireann Court findings in the settlement of the strike between the Irish Transport Workers' Union and local employers in Kinsale. Includes agreement that forty-five shillings be accepted as the standard minimum wage for a fifty hour week, that the weekly half-holiday fall on a Thursday and that a full months notice be given before any trade closes. Signed by MacSwiney, Donal O'Callaghan T.C. M.C.C. and the Reverend Eamon Fitzgerald C.C. 12 June 1920 2pp 37 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to J.D. Kenny, Barrister, arranging a preliminary meeting prior to the proposed conference on the procedures and details of the new Dáil Éireann Courts. 12 June 1920 1p 38 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Tadhg Murray concerning the proposal that P. Twomey act as a co-option on Cork County Council. Details that this is unlikely to occur as there are already three officers from this area on the Council and complaints have been made that the area was generously treated in the Rural District Council. 15 June 1920 1p 39 15 June 1920 See copy PR4/5/45 40 15 June 1920 See copy PR4/5/44 41 16 June 1920 See copy PR4/5/49 42 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Paid O'Donoghue, Coachford, County Cork, arranging an urgent meeting of the Executive to wind up the Dáil Éireann Loan collection and the machinery of the courts.

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